Posted on 2003/6/7

I’m feeling a bit weird and don’t really know what to put it down to.

My feet and legs (below the knees) are burning/tingling/cold. Kind of like pins and needles but not as severe… and they’re also kind of numb.

Admittedly, I have been sat on my ass for the last few weeks doing this stuff, but even so – I’m used to that. I’ve always sat in front of PC’s all day (& all night).

I’m just wondering if it could possibly be linked to some other “numbness” symptoms I’ve been feeling over the last 12 months or so.

Probably the scariest was the visual issue I had twice – once about 6 months ago and the other about 4 months ago. I went a bit blurry, then got double vision and after a few hours ended up with a large blind spot in my left eye (but that seemed to affect both??). This eventually disappeared and by the next morning I was fine.

I also had a nasty experience about a year ago where the left side of my face went almost totally numb for about a week. It still moved ok, but not much sensation. Almost how I imagine a stroke would be.

And then there’s the weakness. Every now and then for no apparent reason I’ll just feel weak – especially in my hands & forearms. I’m not actually weaker as I’ve tested that theory… but I definitely feel less capable.

There’s a few other bits and pieces not worth mentioning lest I think of myself as a hypochondriac.

It’s a concern and I’ve logged to make sure I remember it all.

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