New Scientist: Cannabis truly helps multiple sclerosis sufferers

Posted on 2014/4/4

MarijuanaHere’s a quote from a New Scientist Article from 2004!

“There does seem to be evidence of some benefit from cannabis in the longer term that we didn’t anticipate in the short term study,” says John Zajicek, at Peninsula Medical School in Exeter, UK, and one of the research team.

In 2003, Zajicek and his colleagues published results on the largest study to date of cannabinoids and MS. The trial included 630 advanced-stage MS patients who took either cannabinoid compounds or a placebo for 15 weeks.

Compared with those on placebos, patients who received active compounds said they both felt less pain and less muscle spasticity – the spasms characteristic of this neurodegenerative disease.”

[highlight type=”standard, dark”]Medical Science has known about this for so very long, yet it’s taken until now for the Powers that Be to start recognising the value of this incredible plant.[/highlight]

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