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Posted on 2014/9/27
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I Have MS, Let's Party

MS is BS

You can have  my disabled parking bay if you also take my Multiple Sclerosis

Walk Wobbly and carry a big stick


[/su_column] I’ve been poking around the Net looking for T-Shirts that celebrate or at least create awareness about Multiple Sclerosis.

Suffice to say, I’m disappointed.

The vast majority are boring or overly complicated designs and many of them are just plain ugly. There’s no way I’d be paying to wear some of them. I realise people are just doing the best they can but sometimes you just gotta know where to draw the line!

Now I’m not for a minute suggesting I’m any kind of Graphic Designer, but as soon as I saw the dearth of fun, frivolous and just plain cool designs, I got right onto it.

I’ve setup – it’s an Online Shop where you can get almost anything printed with some funky, possibly bad attitude designs.

Whether it be a t-shirt, leggings, mousepad, mug, bumper stickers, teapots, watches, cuff-links or even a tie – there’s stacks of things you can put my new designs on.

You can see a few of them within this blog post – but please – go visit the site and definitely pass it onto anyone you know who has MS (or supports someone with it).

It’s about time we stopped looking at Multiple Sclerosis as the end of the world and started having some fun with it. After all, it’s not going anywhere and we have years to enjoy the gradual descent…

Ya gotta laugh… or you’d cry!

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