Multiple Sclerosis

My MS Portfolio
Here’s an update from April 2014. It’s slowly but surely taking away my facilities, but I’m now considering Stem Cell Therapy. Risky, but what are my options?

Where’s my head at?
It’s no secret I have Multiple Sclerosis. I don’t harp on about it as I’m not a big fan of whingers, but I’m happy to post about the course of my treatment in the hope that it helps people searching the net for more understanding of this disease.

20,000 days
I was asked to give the “Occasional Speech” for the Curtin Graduation Ceremony held on Sunday, August 28, 2011. The ceremony was recorded and you can view it here.

MS Lesions

A Brave Face
Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m not the sort of person to whinge, moan or complain. By nature, I’m a positive sort and I prefer to talk about the good things in life rather than taking the victim mentality.

I have MS: April Update
Some months back I wrote about my experiences with Multiple Sclerosis to date. I think it’s time for an update. From what I can see & feel, there has been no serious progression of the disease.

I have MS
I don’t hide away from the fact that I have a disease called Multiple Sclerosis – commonly referred to as MS. There seems to be a lot of ignorance around this disease – and that’s to be expected.