Legally watch all your favourite Movies and TV Shows

Posted on 2014/1/29

Death to the Foxtel Tax!

For the longest time, I’ve watched all my favourite American TV Shows and Movies by downloading them from Torrent Sites like The Pirate Bay, Mininova and a selection of other sites that are a little more ummmm confidential.

As a direct result of these downloads, I’ve purchased many Movies, DVD Box Sets of TV shows & Documentaries I’ve really enjoyed and innumerable Music CDs.

But it seems there’s an inexpensive, legal way to be able to watch virtually anything you want from the USA for around AUD$13 per month.

It’s called Netflix. Let me tell you how to do it. It’s really simple!

Firstly, Netflix is only available in certain countries. Australia is not one of them. So we need to find a way to appear as though we are in one of the supported countries. I’ve decided to pretend I’m in the United States of America.

My preferred way to “fake” my location is (Affiliate Link). This service tricks Netflix into believing you’re in the US. It doesn’t use a VPN which is excellent as they can slow things down enormously.

Sign up for AUD$5 per month, and make the minor configuration changes to your DNS. Netflix will then see you as a valid potential subscriber. You get your first month for free!

Now visit (Affiliate Link) and register. They charge US$7.99 per month. With the Australian Dollar being just over parity with the US, it’s around $9 in our money. I paid my subscription using an ordinary Australian Mastercard. It wouldn’t accept my non-US Paypal Account and I had to use the Beverly Hills Zip Code of 90210. 8)

Once it was all configured and set up (in less than 15 minutes) I was able to instantly watch “Continuum” right here on my PC!


Because I made the DNS Changes on my home router rather than my PC, every device in my house from the Xbox360 to the Wii to the Smart TV, the Blu-ray Player and the Apple TV can be used to watch Netflix. It also works great on my iPad!

Highly recommended. Let me know how you go!

Who needs Foxtel?

Update: I just added Hulu Plus. It’s added another US$7.99 so we’re up to AUS$23pm. That’s still less than 1/5 of what we were paying for Foxtel.

If you don’t give this “hack” a go, you’re mad!

Post a comment if it works for you!

12 Replies to "Legally watch all your favourite Movies and TV Shows"

  • Sheley
    2014/1/30 (09:26:00)

    Thanks heaps, I just heard you on the radio talking about this -very easy to understand – thanks. What was the name of the internet service provider you mentioned (with unlimited broardband)? I’m currently with OPtus and have been looking to change for ages. PS I am a total IT spastic sould could you keep your reply very simple….hahaha

    • jas
      2014/1/30 (09:36:43)

      It’s Jiva. You can find them at I’ve been with them for 6 months now and they’re great!

  • Geoff
    2014/1/31 (16:58:54)

    what is the “make the minor configuration” to your DNS” or is this explained in the setup. i was very intrigue with your talk this morning. Thanks

    • jas
      2014/2/1 (13:35:58)

      It’s all explained on the Unblock-us website. It’s a simple change.

  • Annette
    2014/2/2 (22:06:29)

    I don’t have (and won’t be getting) a home phone. Does Jiva offer broadband without phone? If not, can you recommend another ISP?

    • jas
      2014/2/2 (22:52:42)

      No, Jiva requires a phone line with a number. Your other option is an iiNet Terabyte plan. You’ll never burn through a terabyte over a month!

  • Maureen
    2014/2/3 (11:46:57)

    Can you also watch this on a normal TV ???

    • jas
      2014/2/3 (12:04:51)

      Yes, but you need a SmartTV with Netflix built-in or something like an Apple TV or WD Live.

  • Annette
    2014/2/3 (20:34:48)

    Thanks for the info. Will Vivid wireless do the same job?

  • Paul Pichugin
    2014/3/6 (20:35:04)

    Actually it’s still against their terms of service and license agreement, so you don’t have a valid license to watch the shows even though you are paying for them… pretty much you are paying to pirate the shows…

    • jas
      2014/3/6 (20:55:34)

      Nonetheless, you’re not breaking the law. And I can’t see that they care. The right-holders might, but as far as Netflix are concerned, you’re just another paying customer.

  • Steve Bowers
    2014/8/6 (03:32:25)

    Great article Jas. For those who live outside US like me, you can access Netflix, Hulu and similar media stations on your Apple TV by using UnoTelly or similar tools.

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