Multiple Sclerosis

A Brand New Ending

Posted on 2016/7/10

Motivational videos rarely have an effect on me, but for some reason THIS one got to me. Watch it and have a think about who you are, what you're doing and what you really should be doing. I think it might be my Multiple Sclerosis that really makes this one hit home. I know I'm on a tighter timeline than most people so if I don't escape my comfort zone, I am going to regret it - not when I die - but well before that when I can no longer ...

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Multiple Shirts – T-Shirts and a whole lot more

Posted on 2014/9/27

[su_column] [/su_column] I've been poking around the Net looking for T-Shirts that celebrate or at least create awareness about Multiple Sclerosis. Suffice to say, I'm disappointed. The vast majority are boring or overly complicated designs and many of them are just plain ugly. There's no way I'd be paying to wear some of them. I realise people are just doing the best they can but sometimes you just gotta know ...

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MS Diary – August 2014

Posted on 2014/8/22

Another Journal Entry about my MS, my symptoms, my treatments and my thoughts.

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New Scientist: Cannabis truly helps multiple sclerosis sufferers

Posted on 2014/4/4

Here’s a quote from a New Scientist Article from 2004! "There does seem to be evidence of some benefit from cannabis in the longer term that we didn't anticipate in the short term study," says John Zajicek, at Peninsula Medical School in Exeter, UK, and one of the research team. In 2003, Zajicek and his colleagues published results on the largest study to date of cannabinoids and MS. The trial included 630 advanced-stage MS patients who ...

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What is Cannabis good for?

Posted on 2014/4/1

Apart from getting stoned, what is Cannabis/Marijuana/Dope/Weed good for?

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My MS Portfolio

Posted on 2014/3/31

I'm always hesitant to write about my Multiple Sclerosis as it usually elicits a torrent of sympathetic emails, and whilst I truly appreciate the sentiment, that's not why I write and certainly not what I'm chasing. I'm not telling you not to write - if that's what you are compelled to do, but please understand that my desire here is to get it out of me. They say a problem shared is a problem halved. It doesn't quite work that way but writing ...

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World Multiple Sclerosis Day 2013

Posted on 2013/5/28

Earlier tonight I did an interview with Graham Mabury on 6PR's "Nightline" about World MS Day.

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