Did Heartbleed compromise YOUR password?

Posted on 2014/4/17

The Heartbleed Exploit is far reaching. Unfortunately, it's difficult to explain what it is or even how it works. Suffice to say, now most websites have patched for it, it's time to change your passwords. So, you don't think you need to? You're happy to ignore this warning? Don't be silly. This website will check your email address / username and see if it has already been compromised. Go and check and let us know in the comments. Your ...

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An Australian Refugee Solution?

Posted on 2014/4/1

The Refugee Crisis continues in Australia. People are still trying to escape despotic governments and civil wars to make their way to a country where they believe they may be able to forge a better life. The Abbott Government has put paid to that by either towing Refugee boats back to Indonesia or sticking the passengers in Concentration Camps. Mark my words. One day, Abbott and his enablers will be brought to justice. We are breaching the ...

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Mad Russians are not scared of heights

Posted on 2014/2/14

My gonads have retreated well up into my abdomen.

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Legally watch all your favourite Movies and TV Shows

Posted on 2014/1/29

Cheaper than Foxtel!

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Remember how we forgot?

Posted on 2013/10/31

Brilliant. Just Brilliant. I wish I had the mad skillz to write and perform like this.  

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High Ted Talks

Posted on 2013/10/17

Amazing. Ted Talks can be a little obvious at the best of times. But what if the Ted Talks were done whilst high? The World would be a better place.

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Twitter – The Musical

Posted on 2013/9/25

Tweet a little Tweet on Twitter, any little Tweet will do....

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100,000 Twitter Followers?

Posted on 2012/8/14

Earlier this year, Channel Nine Perth did a story about a Perth Twitterer who had in excess of 100,000 followers. It really rubbed me up the wrong way...

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20,000 Days – The Live Version

Posted on 2011/12/6

In August 2011, I gave this speech to the Curtin University Graduating Class. I'm interested in your thoughts about it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-z4dy8IJ_M

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Bill Gates talks Nuclear

Posted on 2011/8/30

It's a controversial position, but I strongly believe Nuclear Power is our only way forward. We can't keep using fossil based energy sources - and renewables still aren't capable of cost-effectively providing baseload power - never mind peak period! Australia is the most geologically-stable country on Earth and we have a tiny population who are essentially only on the Coast. We also have massive reserves of uranium and thorium. We could ...

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