Bill Gates talks Nuclear

Posted on 2011/8/30

It’s a controversial position, but I strongly believe Nuclear Power is our only way forward.

We can’t keep using fossil based energy sources – and renewables still aren’t capable of cost-effectively providing baseload power – never mind peak period!

Australia is the most geologically-stable country on Earth and we have a tiny population who are essentially only on the Coast. We also have massive reserves of uranium and thorium. We could easily become the energy capital of the entire globe.

In this TED talk, Bill Gates explains how its possible to re-process existing nuclear waste to get even more out of it and reduce the volume even further.

Uranium is radioactive when we dig it up. We can simply return the waste back to the same hole and everyone is safe.

And don’t forget, it’s the OLDER nuclear tech that’s dangerous. Recent innovations like pebble-bed technology mean it’s so safe we could almost put reactors in suburbia.

But why would we? Let’s use safe nuclear reactors in remote locations to create energy dense & pollution-free fuels like hydrogen.

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