Posted on March 23, 2020

Am I worried? Damn straight I’m worried.

I’m terrified.

I have Multiple Sclerosis. I’m on a medication that suppresses my immune system. I’ve heard rumour this could be an advantage with CoViD-19, but somehow I think that’s another job for Snopes.

As a result, I’m at a higher risk of severe symptoms or death. Whilst that scares me enormously, what scares me more is leaving my family behind in this current climate. Especially if things get worse.

If our food supply / supply chain does get screwed over, it may take a very long time to get things back on track again. In the interim, there’s going to be a lot of hungry, desperate people fighting for the same limited resources.

And that includes Law Enforcement.

If things get really bad, we will have to depend on ourselves for food production and security.

Don’t laugh. It’s happened before.

Week 1: 30% Australians live week to week on pay.
Week 2: No money for rent, food, fuel
Week 3: Landlords start evictions
Week 4: Families default mortgage.

Expect social disorder and crime rate to explode. Welcome to hell.

Our so-called advanced civilisation is barely two weeks just-in-time supply chain away from anarchy. Even less when people have no food.

The Federal Government needs to drop $1000 in everyone’s bank account right now. No delay. No means test. No bureaucracy. It’s the only way to reduce what’s coming.

As it stands now, I’ve upped security around the house. I’m not saying how of course! And we’ve expanded the vegie garden enormously. We’ve planted lots of new stuff – including fruit. Some will produce soon, some will take months. So ultimately, I’m not so worried about food production, more the safety of my family.

I am scared I won’t be here to be the protector. It’s a rational fear – and even though I have a nasty degenerative neurological condition – it’s one that wouldn’t have even entered my head 3 months ago.

I have to do whatever it takes to keep me healthy (Plan A) and ensure the house remains secure and productive I’m not around. (Plan B).

There is a Plan C. That’s another post.

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