Posted on March 23, 2020

Bad people do bad things. But Good People can do bad things too when they’re desperate.

It’s just 3 months in and the World has changed.

Today, the Australian Government announced draconian laws to try and help “flatten the curve” of the growing infections across this Country. That’s in addition to the unprecedented laws which are now being implemented here in Western Australia. Things I never thought I’d see in my lifetime.

Rottnest Island is being considered as a Plague Island. A place of quarantine. The Government is looking at “acquiring” hotels to isolate people.

Even Cruise Liners are being considered as floating hospitals.

There’s even a rumour that alcohol sales will be limited as of tomorrow.

And whilst so very many have lost their livelihoods – both business owners and employees, the Community is really starting to come together to support each other.

Our State and Federal Governments are offering limited stimulus and support – nothing compared to the UK.

What really scares me though is desperation.

If people are hungry or their family is doing without and they can’t fix that problem through conventional legal means, it’s easy to see that our thin veneer of civil society could rapidly splinter as crime escalates.

I can see it beginning with basic theft. Shop-lifting. Breaking into vehicles. Stealing from yards to resell things for cash. Breaking and entering and ultimately… my greatest fear, home invasions.

It worries me because this will inevitably result in injury or death at time when our emergency services can least help. Whether it’s the intruder or the occupant, it’s going to get messy.

I fear our current trajectory means it cannot be stopped.

I have prepared. I have been prepared for some time.

If you’re not prepared, now’s the time.

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