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Am I worried? Damn straight I'm worried. I'm terrified. I have Multiple Sclerosis. I'm on a medication that suppresses my immune system. I've heard rumour this could be an advantage with CoViD-19, but somehow I think that's another job for Snopes.As a result, I'm at a higher risk of severe symptoms or death. Whilst that scares me enormously, what scares me ...

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Clarity in Communication

So far the messaging from the Government during this crisis has been abysmal.Inaccurate, condescending, shouty, conflicting and in many cases, just plain absent.A good example is telling us to "practice social distancing".It's a nebulous, weasel phrase that doesn't actually tell you anything. If anything it should be "Practice Physical Distancing" because I've ...

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Bluff & Bluster

The semi-rural Community I live in has already reported an increase in the amount of strangers looking for "opportunities".I figure putting this sign on the front gate might help.Might not. But it's worth a try.

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Bad people do bad things. But Good People can do bad things too when they're desperate.It's just 3 months in and the World has changed.Today, the Australian Government announced draconian laws to try and help "flatten the curve" of the growing infections across this Country. That's in addition to the unprecedented laws which are now being implemented here in ...

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