Dashcams – What and Why?

Posted on 2014/2/19

We’re all bound to be involved in at least one traffic accident in our life. It’s the inevitable repercussion of being on the road. And chances are, it won’t even be your fault.

So, if that’s the case and you’re part of an MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident), wouldn’t it be good if you could provide evidence that you’re the innocent party?

How cool would it be if you could supply high definition video of what happened?

How much cooler would it be if you could provide GPS Co-ordinates of where it happened, your speed at the time AND the G-forces your car was experiencing.?

What if all of this cost you under $150 and required no intervention? These things turn on when you start the car and start recording. They never run out of space as they write over the older stuff as needed. It’s a no-brainer!

And get this, some of the more advanced models even have a built-in mobile phone so you can call emergency services and upload pictures.

Here’s a video of why dashcams are so popular in Russia where insurance fraud is rife.

And here’s a video from dashcams that show there really are nice people in the world.

And here’s a bonus clip. 10 minutes of the most amazing Dashcam Videos.

Now, where can you get a Dashcam? Well, it just so happens…. yep, I have a Webshop that sells Gadgets and you can find plenty of Dashcams on there! And lots of other cool stuff….


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  • Rob Bennett
    2014/3/12 (18:08:00)

    Hi Jason , I sent you an email Sunday and haven’t had a reply thought maybe me email address was wrong it was about Dash cams my mobile is 0418805867 hope to hear from you soon .

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