20,000 Days – The Live Version

Posted on 2011/12/6

In August 2011, I gave this speech to the Curtin University Graduating Class.

I’m interested in your thoughts about it.

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  • Daniel v Bempasciuto
    2018/4/28 (20:48:39)

    Hi again Jason, I just finished sending your show some feedback Saturday 28/04/2018 when i noticed your name ” Copyright 2016-2018 Curtin Radio | Privacy Statement | All Rights Reserved | Designed and Built by Jason Jordan”. Having not seen the link before, i clicked watched and listened to 20,000 days. Thank you Jason for reminding me that i matter to me, to kick down doors when my knuckles get sore.
    20,000 days will be part of my week, there is so much to take in, take on and so much i know i missed.
    I wish i could afford you as a life coach, if you have made or are making something it this vein please let me know. You would be awesome at stand up comedy, well i would come and laugh with you.
    Now that you have helped me how can i help you to help me to help you to help me………..

    Thanks Jason, keep the laughs coming with Gordon and Lawrence we love the banter.

    Kind Regards
    Daniel V Bempasciuto (from Halls Head)

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