About Me


For most of my adult life I’ve been an IT Professional. I also played around in the Media World as both a TV & Radio Presenter. Unfortunately, in 2004, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.

In the beginning, my symptoms were few and minor. Occasional double-vision or the odd numb patch on my body. These symptoms really didn’t affect my ability to work. But Multiple Sclerosis is generally a progressive disease….

I now have many symptoms but they’re all being treated with various expensive pharmaceuticals.

In 2013, my symptoms worsened and I progressed from relapsing-remitting MS to secondary progressive. I have had to give up work and unfortunately, give up most of my activity in the Media Industry.

I am currently beaten but not broken. I am fighting back. My new medications are working as well as can be expected and current MS Research appears to be on the cusp of some pretty fantastic breakthroughs.


If you’d like to book me for a presentation on managing MS, you can do so via the Book Me page on this site.


I am a Board Member of Multiple Sclerosis WA. I do not speak for them or on behalf of them. In fact, some of my opinions may be different to that of the Board itself.