Is Thorium the answer to our Global Energy Crisis?

Posted on 2014/9/7

It certainly looks like it. It's clean, abundant, energy-dense and capable of destroying the existing tonnes of radioactive waste being stored around the world. This is worth 10 minutes of your time.    

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The better ending to “How I met your Mother”

Posted on 2014/9/6

This is an official alternate ending, but as far as I'm concerned it's way, way better.

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MS Diary – August 2014

Posted on 2014/8/22

Another Journal Entry about my MS, my symptoms, my treatments and my thoughts.

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Motorcycle Rider cheats death

Posted on 2014/8/20

[iframe src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen]

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These German Students Made A Homeless Man’s Day With Music

Posted on 2014/7/26

It's the feel good video of the week. Watch the surprise on the Homeless Man's face casinos in Indiana as beautiful music is created around him. This is worth 5 minutes of your time. It'll make you smile.

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"So, ah, ah, uh, President Putin uh uh, ah, said ah ah uh all the ah right uh uh uh uh ah things."

Tony Abbott MHR

Posted on 2014/7/21

A book fell on my head. I only have my shelf to blame.

Sean Connery

Posted on 2014/7/19